Whether you run a multimillion dollar enterprise or a small company, computer technology, software and systems are vital to your business. Duane Morris has assembled a team of lawyers experienced with the unique technological and legal issues related to the development, licensing, implementation and outsourcing of computer software and systems. From negotiating and drafting contracts for development, installation and implementation of software and IT systems through complex litigation relating to failed software and systems development projects, our lawyers regularly work with both developers and software. We advise clients on their legal remedies and, if necessary, conduct complex litigation relating to system and software failures, software license disputes and related intellectual property matters. Our attorneys also utilize arbitration and mediation options where appropriate to assist our clients in resolving their disputes as quickly and economically as possible.

The Duane Morris software and systems litigation team draws from a wide range of experiences to offer clients a thorough understanding of this highly specialized and complex area. Some of our lawyers spent years in programming and information systems roles, and they understand the positions of both the vendor/developer and the business client. Our trial lawyers have extensive experience in defending and prosecuting systems and software failure, licensing, outsourcing and other disputes through verdict and appeals. Our team also leverages an extensive geographic footprint, varied transactional experience and other resources of a large, international law firm to provide clients with a valuable combination of insight and capabilities.

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