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New Toolkit Sheds Light on Lesser Known Immigration Remedies

By Ellen Foreman
May 17, 2011
Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law News

Denyse SabaghDuane Morris LLP, in cooperation with Maggio + Kattar and Penn State Law's Center for Immigrants' Rights, recently released a toolkit for practitioners on two significant but lesser-known immigration remedies, private bills and deferred action. The toolkit, designed for use by immigration judges, lawyers, public officials, and nonprofit groups, is a guide to alternative forms of relief for immigrants facing deportation despite compelling circumstances. Washington, D.C.-based partner Denyse Sabagh, head of the firm's Immigration Practice Group and a co-author of the toolkit, briefly comments on the usefulness of and great need for such a toolkit within the immigration law community.

To view the full text of this article and to download the full toolkit, please visit the Penn State Law website.