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Click to watch video Duane Morris Chairman Matt Taylor on Legacy and Leadership

Duane Morris’ new chairman and CEO, Matthew A. Taylor, discusses his new position and his views on leadership and the firm’s future.

Click to watch video Duane Morris Chicago

Our Chicago lawyers talk about their practices and what Duane Morris’ platform enables them to offer their clients.

Click to watch video Dispute Navigation Analytics (DNASM)

DNASM, Duane Morris' proprietary, systematic approach to early case assessment, combines step-by-step analysis of factual/legal issues facing clients in litigation with detailed process for better predicting costs, risk exposure and outcome probabilities.

Click to watch video Courtroom & Negotiating Table

Whether at trial, arbitration or settlement negotiations, Duane Morris lawyers provide Fortune 500 companies, regional businesses and professionals with sophisticated counsel.

Click to watch video Duane Morris Women's Impact Network (WINS)

Bringing together women attorneys throughout the firm to exchange ideas, foster and expand business contacts and opportunities, and enhance attorney development.

Click to watch video Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

Members of Duane Morris' EBEC Group recognize that understanding clients' unique needs and goals is essential to creating and maintaining effective benefits and compensation programs.

Commercial Contracts Checkup Webinar

Attorneys in Duane Morris’ Technology Transactions, Licensing and Commercial Contracts Practice Group, in conjunction with Shannon Sutherland from the Non-Compete and Trade Secrets Practice Group, review several significant factors to consider when developing effective term sheets, MOUs and letter agreements and confidentiality provisions and trade secret protections in contracts. 

Video Replay (presented on June 21, 2018)

The Duane Morris Cannabis Webinar Series

A series of monthly webinars throughout 2018 to discuss issues affecting the cannabis industry. Each session  covers a specific subject and features a “Hot Topics” segment to cover recent developments in the industry. Please visit the event page for more information.

Cannabis 101: Update on the Federal Enforcement & State Regulatory Environment (presented on January 29, 2018)

Cannabis 102: Intellectual Property, Trademark and Branding, and Marketing (presented on February 27, 2018)

Cannabis 103: Real Estate—Practical Considerations for owners, Operators and Investors in Cannabis Real Property (presented on March 20, 2018)

Cannabis 104: Marijuana in the Workplace: What Employers Need to Know (presented on April 17, 2018)

Cannabis 105: Investing in Cannabis (presented on May 15, 2018)

Cannabis 106: Banking and Financing in the Cannabis Industry (presented on June 19, 2018)

Cannabis 107: The U.S. and Canadian Cannabis Markets: 2018 Mid-Year Review (presented on July 24, 2018)

The U.S. Department of Education Negotiated Rulemaking Sessions: The Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) Borrower Defense to Repayment (BDR) and Gainful Employment (GE) Rules

A series of webinars presented at the conclusion of each rulemaking negotiation session for BDR and GE. With federal lawsuits pending that challenge the authority of Secretary Betsy DeVos to renegotiate these rules, the webinars closely track these significant policy discussions and their ramifications for all higher education stakeholders. Please visit the event page for more information.

Borrower Defense to Repayment Post-Negotiated Rulemaking Session Webinar Recap

BDR Session 1 Recap (presented on November 16, 2017)

BDR Session 2 Recap (presented on January 12, 2018)

BDR Session 3 Recap (presented on February 16, 2018)

Gainful Employment Post-Negotiated Rulemaking Session

GE Session 1 Recap (presented on December 8, 2017)

GE Session 2 Recap (presented on February 9, 2018)

GE Session 3 Recap (presented on March 16, 2018)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Webinar Series

A series of webinars on strategic planning and compliance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, a far-reaching EU law that affects any company doing business in the European Union. Please visit the event page for more information.

Six Months Before GDPR: Why GDPR Is Relevant to U.S. Businesses and How You Can Comply (presented on November 30, 2017)

Six Months Before GDPR: The Requirements of Data Mapping for U.S. Businesses (presented on December 19, 2017)

Individual Consent Requirements Under GDPR and Document/Agreement Updates (presented on January 9, 2018)

Data Protection Officers: Is It a Requirement? Risks and Obligations Connected with Having or Not Having One (presented on January 30, 2018)

Data Breaches: Protecting Your Company and Reporting Requirements (presented on March 13, 2018)