Financial Markets

The financial markets are, perhaps, the most thoroughly and pervasively regulated industries in the United States and the world. Market professionals and participants face a myriad of confusing and sometimes conflicting legal and regulatory requirements. Technological advances have changed the nature and structure of markets, and the proliferation of new products and markets has produced market fragmentation and new competitive concerns. At the same time, recent financial scandals have produced new and increasing financial and reporting requirements and have increased each market participant's exposure to regulatory and civil liability claims.

The members of Duane Morris' Financial Markets Practice Group each have a great depth of experience in guiding market participants in this broad area – from the nuances of trading on Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs), to compliance with the seemingly conflicting requirements of the USA PATRIOT Act and the Financial Privacy Act, to the formation and/or purchase of a trading, advisory or investment firm as well as experienced representation in regulatory and litigation proceedings.

For more information, please contact Robert P. Bramnik or any of the group members referenced in the Attorney Listing.