In almost every instance, providing healthcare services or supplies requires a license, permit, authorization or certification from a federal, state or local agency, or multiple agencies. Whether the healthcare business is an institutional, outpatient or home-based care provider, the process for a professional or a supplier of goods or services to obtain regulatory authority from the applicable jurisdiction can be as simple as filing a few pages of disclosures and waiting a few days for issuance; or can be as complex as filing reams of highly-technical documentation and waiting nearly a year before approval. Additionally, the licensure process is usually specific to the state or local jurisdiction involved, potentially expanding the complexity.

At Duane Morris, our attorneys understand the licensure process, whether a client is seeking initial licensure or a change of ownership. We have worked with the full range of provider and supplier types in the healthcare industry and have extensive experience with regulatory agencies throughout the United States. Where additional local know-how is needed, we have established relationships with local counsel and consultants in most jurisdictions in order to assist our clients through the regulatory process.

Our attorneys have guided clients through the licensure process in complex multistate acquisitions, as well as helped single-site providers and suppliers. We assist clients with preparing applications and disclosures, and we work with regulatory authorities throughout the process, negotiating complex issues where necessary. We also advise our clients on the timing and requirements for change-of-ownership applications and filings in acquisition and sale transactions.

Our goal is to obtain the requisite approval for our clients in the shortest time possible. Among our attorneys are former state officials who understand the requirements of state regulators and, perhaps just as significant, how regulators prefer to work through these applications.

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