Duane Morris provides high-quality representation in class actions brought against insurers and involving insurance-related issues. Our experienced practitioners combine knowledge about the business of insurance (i.e., marketing, underwriting, premium collection, coverage, regulation and claims administration) with cutting-edge class action experience. We understand that insurers may be confronted both with class actions unique to the insurance field, such as coverage, claims administration and premium and fees-related claims, as well as class actions emblematic of the general operation of business, such as consumer fraud, wage and hour and Fair Credit Reporting Act violations. Our in-depth knowledge of insurance and business operations makes us uniquely prepared to guide insurers through the challenges presented by any type of insurance-related class action.

In addition to our skilled Insurance and Reinsurance lawyers, Duane Morris has a dedicated Class Actions Litigation Practice Group with lawyers focused on class actions. We provide creative and individualized class action strategies for our representation of insurers, informed by our broad base of class action experience. That means that we craft defenses designed to respond to the individual needs of our client insurers. Our state-of-the-art DNASM budgeting software allows our lawyers to predict the cost of defense and suggest litigation strategies aimed at reducing defense costs.

Duane Morris seeks to curtail class action exposure in motion practice, in discovery, through class certification and beyond. We also understand that the best outcome for our clients sometimes involves settlement. Our depth of experience in class settlements extends from mediation and negotiation to judicial approval to settlement administration.

Although Duane Morris will readily defend clients against class actions, our goal is to help clients avoid them in the first place through preventative measures. We work closely with clients to evaluate underlying programs that could become class actions and make compliance recommendations, all with the goal of reducing exposure in pending and future class litigation.

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For more information regarding Duane Morris’ Insurance and Reinsurance practice, please contact Max H. Stern, Brian A. Kelly, or any of the practice members referenced in the Attorney Listing.