One of society's oldest problems is managing water. Today the challenge of water is not only supply, but also state and federal legislation, increasing regulatory control, supply-demand conflicts, emerging technologies and environmental concerns that accompany the fundamental question of water rights. The attorneys of the Duane Morris Water Practice address the intertwined interests of government, business and the community when legal issues involving water emerge.

Our attorneys assist clients in advisory, regulatory and litigation matters involving water, the environment and natural resources. Managing water rights for municipalities, negotiating and contracting with private and governmental water agencies, complying with complex water and environmental laws and competing for limited water resources are examples of the challenges that our clients face.

Duane Morris attorneys draw from their experience serving as members of agencies, committees, commissions and associations effecting change in water legislation and requirements throughout the country. For example, our Water Practice includes a former general counsel to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, who continues to advise city, county and state public utilities on water issues, and is on the board of the nonprofit Water Education Foundation.

Our Water Practice addresses the water rights and supply needs of major municipalities. Duane Morris has negotiated contracts with the federal government, assisted in the perfection of water transfers to meet dry-year needs, assisted with preparation of environmental documentation and drafted state and federal legislation to help municipalities acquire a reliable supply of water. When necessary, we defend municipalities' water rights and advise them regarding water strategies and relations with their neighboring water agencies.

With Duane Morris' broad capabilities, the Water Practice works closely with the lawyers in our Environmental, Natural Resources, Trial and Real Estate practices when our clients' complex legal and business issues require a multidisciplinary approach.

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