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Duane Morris Named a "Most Recommended Law Firm" by BTI Consulting Group

June 8, 2016

BTI Consulting Most Recommended Law Firm

For the fourth consecutive year, Duane Morris has been named to BTI Consulting Group’s "Most Recommended Law Firms" list.

BTI asked legal decision makers at large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue to share their law firm recommendations, conducting 322 in-depth interviews this year.

BTI president Michael Rynowecer told Law360 that the top factor that drives a client to recommend a law firm is superior client service. He said that 65 percent of clients reported that client service was their primary reason for making a recommendation to a peer, compared to only 13 percent who said expertise was the leading reason.

"You need law firms that will stand behind you that understand what you need and what you’re trying to accomplish as a legal decision maker, as opposed to only performing the legal work at hand," Mr. Rynowecer said. "Simply performing legal work doesn’t help a general counsel figure out how to better serve their internal clients."

"As clients face more complex work they need law firms who are more responsive and more tuned into their goals and how those goals might change."

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