Letter from the Chairman

John Soroko

We are pleased to bring you Duane Morris' next edition of Alumni Spotlight, our alumni newsletter.

Barbara AdamsWe're also very proud of Duane Morris' alumni contributions to government. Nationally, there are more than 70 Duane Morris alumni in state and federal government positions, including in California, Washington, D.C., Florida, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Mississippi, Maine, Illinois, Washington, Ohio and Pennsylvania. There are some 30 Duane Morris alumni who work in government positions in Pennsylvania alone. Duane Morris alumni are employed by the United States Air Force, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and circuit courts around the country.

They also include city government counsel, public defenders and state and federal judges. Here, we feature former partner and good friend Barbara Adams in her role as General Counsel of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You can also read about how labor and employment attorney David Frank went from David Frankhis role as a Duane Morris associate to overseeing an 800-plus legal department at the U.S. Air Force.

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