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Burning questions? We have answers.

How to define the relationship among your new business partners? How do you decide whether, when and how to raise funding? What kind of funding is right for your company? How do you do business with a much larger, more well-financed company and still protect your intellectual property? How do you incentivize and retain your growing employee base?

We can help. Our lawyers have worked with entrepreneurs to find the right answers to questions like these for decades. This depth and breadth of experience allows us to help you arrive at a solution that gets you what you need and positions your company for the growth and success you are working so hard to achieve.

Duane Morris Venture Vision™ (DMVV™)

DMVV™ provides entrepreneurs, start-ups, early-stage and emerging growth companies with an opportunity to introduce their companies, present their business plans, and discuss financing needs. At DMVV™ meetings, held in Duane Morris offices around the country, emerging company management teams connect with attorneys actively involved with emerging companies, venture capital and private equity firms, while leveraging the firm's geographic scope and access to a broad range of funding opportunities.

DMVV™ Presenter Spotlight

Entrepreneurs, management teams of emerging companies and venture capital funds seek to balance their need to raise capital with preserving long-term business goals and flexibility. They look to outside counsel as much for business advice as for sound legal counsel. Understanding those business and legal needs in a way that translates to emerging companies is critical to the working relationship between an emerging company and its counsel.

Emerging Company Pricing Plan

Duane Morris is committed to attracting and engaging growth companies. We have developed an alternative fee program for companies that meet specific viability criteria. Please contact Keli Whitlock for more information.

Company Spotlight

CLIARA is the easy, safe and touch-free system for inserting and removing contact lenses. Designed for use by people with physical limitations or anxiety and fear, this unique imaging system enables the user to view the insertion or removal of the contact lens in real time, allowing for complete control of the movement of the lens. [Source: CLIARA]

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Business keeping you awake at night? Let us guide you.

How do you identify and protect your most important intellectual property? How do you create value that customers, investors and lenders will recognize? What do you do with a business partner who wants to move in a different direction? How do you manage when you are suddenly not alone on your board of directors? Why are term sheets written in a foreign language and what does all that stuff mean? What changes do you have to make when your company has grown much faster than you expected?

We work and strategize with and advise growth-oriented, entrepreneurial companies on issues just like these all day, every day. We find solutions for a living.

Moving to the next level.

Buying? Selling? Dividend recap? IPO? Can't decide? We can assist. Our lawyers understand that knowing which path to take is at least as important as knowing what to do once you're on it. We can help you understand how the decisions you make for your company today can impact your growth and value down the road. Once you have chosen a path—whether a simple sale or complicated multi-party international financing—our lawyers have the experience and business acumen to get your deal done.

We are here for you . . . because it's all about you.

We have developed many relationships over time with top tier lenders, investment banks, venture capital firms, private equity firms and their portfolio companies, emerging and middle market companies, large and small cap companies as well as individual investors and entrepreneurs. We have offices across the U.S., in London, Singapore and Vietnam. We are more than 750 world class lawyers who practice in the areas of the law that affect your business, such as corporate, securities, finance, tax, IP, labor and employment and litigation.

We text, we tweet, we email, we call and, yes, we even still meet in person – because we understand the importance of looking people in the eye and we know that some issues cannot be resolved in 140 characters or less. In a world that wants all solutions to be swift and simple, we help you answer the hard questions thoughtfully and meaningfully.

For More Information

For additional information, please contact Keli Whitlock, Kathleen M. Shay or any of the practice members referenced in the Attorney Listing.

Representative Matters

Duane Morris Venture Vision™ (DMVV™)

When is having over 750 lawyers a good thing? When they're with Duane Morris and can help you connect with a worldwide network of clients and contacts. That's why we developed Duane Morris Venture Vision™. DMVV™ provides entrepreneurs, start-ups, early-stage and emerging growth companies with opportunities to introduce their companies, present their business plans and discuss financing needs in front of a geographically diverse audience. We hold DMVV™ events in our offices around the country and invite our colleagues, clients and contacts to participate in person and by video conference from any of our 28 offices. We believe in helping our clients build their network by opening ours.

Company Spotlight


CLIARA is the easy, safe and touch-free system for inserting and removing contact lenses. Designed for use by people with physical limitations or anxiety and fear, this unique imaging system enables the user to view the insertion or removal of the contact lens in real time, allowing for complete control of the movement of the lens. [Source: CLIARA]


Sunniva combines organic and all-natural superfoods with coconut oil, protein and Colombian coffee to deliver better energy for the mind and body. [Source: Sunniva]

Tonic Design
Tonic Design Co. is a teaching agency in Philadelphia focused on cutting-edge, emerging technologies. It works with some of the world’s biggest brands to create human experiences through technology—experiences that improve lives and empower end users. [Source: Tonic Design Co.]
Climateon is changing the way you stay comfortable. Our unique solutions put you in control via a smart phone app. Warmth is delivered when you need it, where you need it. The company’s patent-pending technology is personalized, extremely energy efficient and low-cost, and it can be sustainably powered. It directly addresses neurophysiological mechanisms for maintaining comfort using digital controls, electronics and e-textiles. [Source: Climateon]

barKing is an app that helps you find the most popular bars and nightclubs in your area. It is an early-stage, smart phone application, capturing real-time social and dating dynamics. barKing will capture consumer data and opinions utilizing proprietary sampling software and a premium survey model. Presently, the company virtually operates in the USA, Brazil, Bermuda, England, Ireland and Germany. Founded in 2014, barKing is a social tool targeting Millennials to enhance their social experience and help improve it via the captured feedback. [Source: barKing]


Walkmymind is a simple, intuitive app that takes workforce wellness to a new stride. With this app, an individual commits to workforce wellness by committing to self. WalkMyMind is not just another fitness app, but is instead an effective wellness program that drives employee happiness, health and engagement. [Source: Walkmymind] is solving the largest problem in the business of raising capital with software that creates targeted outreach to investors based on preferences data that we use to match investors with opportunities. [Source:]


Sonrgy is a preclinical stage biotechnology startup based out of San Diego, CA. Founded in 2012, Sonrgy’s primary goal is the development of its proprietary drug delivery platform SonRx. Initially conceived by researchers at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Sonrgy’s core technology is a revolutionary form of chemotherapy which aims to improve both quality of life and survival for millions of cancer patients. The system combines a breakthrough nanotechnology with a focused beam of ultrasound to directly target tumors for drug release. This allows chemotherapy agents to attack cancer sites and minimize exposure with the rest of the body’s tissues, in order to significantly reduce side effects and improve efficacy of treatment. [Source: Sonrgy]


PHusis is designing precision medicines using its proprietary computational modeling platform, PHuDock, to rapidly identify inhibitors of proteins with regulatory PH-domains that drive cancer growth. The approach provides PHusis with the means of identifying drug leads more rapidly and in a cost effective manner. The result is, PHusis has built a pipeline of drug leads against some novel and critical cancer targets including PDK1, mutant KRAS and NRAS. Patients can be selected for treatment based on their mutational profile, eliminating unnecessary treatment of patients without the targets. [Source: PHusis]

Articulate Labs

Articulate Labs has developed KneeStim™, a medical device that helps rehabilitate knees through intelligent application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to quadriceps musculature during everyday movement. This device may cost-effectively improve mobility and outcomes for those in need of knee rehabilitation, such as those with knee osteoarthritis or a recent knee replacement, by assisting the musculature responsible for shock absorption, weight distribution and knee extension. [Source: Articulate Labs]


Oncolinx is developing the next generation of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)—powerful, targeted cancer therapies that are more effective and have dramatically fewer side effects than current methods of cancer treatment. [Source: Oncolinx]


HelixBind patent-pending Pathogen Identification (PID) platform will provide rapid detection and unequivocal identification of bloodstream infections, direct from a whole blood specimen and without the need for blood culture. This will allow physicians to quickly adjust to the optimal, targeted, antimicrobial intervention and monitor the effectiveness of that treatment throughout care. [Source: HelixBind]

SurfPlasma, Inc.

SurfPlasma, Inc. is a Florida incorporated company innovating eco-friendly ways to destroy biological and chemical contaminants for improving the quality of water we drink, air we breathe, food we eat, clothing we wear and surfaces we touch. Faced with newly emerging drug-resistant diseases, the need to sanitize our environment has never been greater. With portable, lightweight devices that destroy biological and chemical contaminants, its plasma clean technology is eco-friendly with power demands comparable to a light bulb. [Source: SurfPlasma, Inc.]

Structured Monitoring Products

Structured Monitoring Products (SMP) developed Remmo, a Doppler-radar based system for the remote non-contact detection of vital signs. Invented by Dr. Jenshan Lin of the University of Florida, the system sends out radio waves towards a target and measures the phase modulation of the reflected signal caused by periodic movement of the target (such as respiration and heart beat). The phase modulation is then used to determine the frequency of the respiration and heartbeat. [Source: Structured Monitoring Products]

Florida Innovation Hub

The Florida Innovation Hub was created to serve as catalyst for startup companies whose technologies emanated from laboratories at the University of Florida and throughout the state. Its mission is to provide them with the infrastructure, logistics and resources needed to get up and running effectively and efficiently. In doing so, the Innovation Hub hopes to help those companies and others bring research discoveries to the marketplace, creating additional jobs for Floridians. [Source: Florida Innovation Hub]

TowerView Health

TowerView Health's end-to-end solution helps patients manage complex medication schedules. Patients using the TowerView service receive pre-filled medication trays from a pharmacy. Each tray inserts into a connected pillbox that detects when patients miss their medications and sends reminders to patients, loved ones and case managers. [Source: TowerView Health]

Tissue Analytics

Tissue Analytics, Inc. uses state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision to autonomously segment, classify and measure wounds. The technique, which standardizes for lighting, distance and camera angle, can be collected on a secure, HIPAA-compliant smartphone app. This platform allows for imaging and remotely evaluating chronic wounds, primarily bedsores and diabetic ulcers. The Tissue Analytics system offers two advantages: First, proprietary image analysis provides doctors with new and incredibly accurate metrics for wound healing, and second, doctors can manage patients remotely and bill existing reimbursement codes (99490, 99091 and 99211) directly on the app's Clinician Dashboard. [Source: Tissue Analytics]


RegDesk is a one-stop marketplace that helps biotech, medical device and pharma companies research, hire, identify, project manage, and pay compliance experts who can quickly obtain product approval in new overseas markets. RegDesk has integrated technology to manage projects, product offerings and a secure payment gateway to ensure no delays and clients can pay in local currency while consultants receive payment in their own local currency. RegDesk consultants are top-tier experts in regulatory, quality, patient privacy, and reimbursement spanning in 140 countries with average of 15 years of experience. [Source: RegDesk]

Ideal Impact

Ideal Impact is a "civic tech" company that turns website content into actionable service and advocacy opportunities. The tool connects people who want to help with places to volunteer, donate, advocate and apply for jobs, based on the news stories they read. The product is available real-time via mobile, web and digital media to engage visitors with suggestions for how to support the issues they care about. Ideal Impact's goal is to be the bridge—to span the gap between people who want to get involved with a cause and organizations that would benefit from their support, primarily non-profits that cannot survive without community support. [Source: Ideal Impact]


Cnverg is a web application designed for companies to conveniently compile a wall's worth of whiteboards, sticky notes, printouts and images, then share them digitally in real-time. Anyone, on any device, anywhere in the world, can collaborate and interact, as if they are all in the same room. Cnverg can be used from any device that supports modern browsers—it requires no download or installation. Cnverg is ideal for large enterprise companies in the manufacturing, construction, and professional services industries. [Source: Cnverg]


DermaSensor is a dermatology medical device company focused on risk stratification for skin diseases, including screening for melanoma and other skin cancers. The DermaSensor devices use a proprietary algorithm and elastic scattering spectroscopy (ESS), to analyze skin lesions. There are both stand-alone handheld devices and smartphone/tablet applications and devices. These products are being targeted to primary care physicians and providers, as well as to consumers directly. With current prototypes, the company has been able to show equally high sensitivity and specificity, for their tests, as well as even higher negative predictive values. [Source: DermaSensor]

Tao Connect

TAO Connect is an innovative platform for delivering effective—and cost-effectivemental health counseling. TAO licenses an integrated software system for providing online mental health treatment allowing a patient or client to proactively work on behavioral change and the clinician to monitor progress on treatment tasks and symptom change. TAO Connect was formed to vastly increase the number of people who get help for mental illness, particularly anxiety, while simultaneously decreasing the cost of this treatment to government, institutions and individuals. TAO consists of: interactive, online educational modules; HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing; push notifications and daily practice homework to maximize patient engagement; weekly outcome measure to track change; and an integrated platform that captures objective and subjective data. TAO is half the cost of traditional face-to-face psychotherapy; requires one-third the counselor time (with no decrease in income for the therapist); at a time and place most convenient for the patient; and can be as or more effective in achieving symptom reduction and improved life functioning. [Source: TAO Connect]


MyeloJAK Biomarkers is a research and development biotechnology company aimed at improving diagnostic and treatment tools for patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). MyeloJAK is developing the first blood-based biomarker test that can be utilized in multiple platforms for the treatment of patients with MPNs. The correlation between levels of the protein vimentin, with MPN treatment efficacy and disease progression, was discovered by co-founder Dr. Peter Sayeski of the University of Florida. This is the first biomarker for MPNs that could be used not only in diagnosis and treatment of patients, but also to evaluate the efficacy of an emerging class of drugs for MPNs called JAK2 inhibitors. Over the next three years, MyeloJAK's goal is to finalize product development, perform beta testing, build inventory, and achieve FDA approval for entry in the drug companion biomarker and in vitro diagnostics market. [Source: MyeloJAK Biomarkers]