Cybersecurity is one of the big issues of our times and continues to grow. It affects more and more corporations as they fall the victim of attacks from activists, competitors and even other countries' governments. These attacks are growing in frequency, complexity and ferocity. Companies, large and small, are increasingly a target of sophisticated attempts to steal their data and compromise their systems. Lawmakers around the world are struggling to keep up with this rapidly changing environment and even the requirements for publicly reporting security breaches once discovered remain in flux.

Duane Morris lawyers have more than a decade of experience dealing with these type of attacks. We have assembled a dedicated group of technology-savvy lawyers with vast industry-specific experience who utilize an interdisciplinary approach to help clients in these areas.

Duane Morris lawyers often get involved in cross-disciplinary teams to respond to an attack using the benefit of our extensive contacts to help an organization detect, contain and respond to an attack. As experienced multi-national counsel, Duane Morris lawyers can respond 24x7x365. In most jurisdictions, the attorney client privilege of our lawyers will be recognized with an appropriately structured team.

The Duane Morris Cybersecurity Response Team includes lawyers in Asia, Europe and the U.S. with extensive knowledge of the technology, regulatory compliance, media relations, public perception and potential liability issues that come with these attacks. From preventative planning, through discovering a breach and dealing with its aftermath, we help our clients protect themselves, their data, their customers and employees—and, most of all, their future.

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