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Worldwide demand for energy continues to increase dramatically, even as traditional fuel sources are diminishing. Environmental and climate change concerns have also highlighted the need to develop low-carbon energy sources. The investment in and development of renewable energy resources, both for electric power production and for fuel consumption, affect every business sector throughout the global economy. In today's market, utility companies, renewable energy developers, commercial real estate developers, venture capitalists, tax investors, lenders, equipment manufacturers, installers, inventors and owners of intellectual property, and all energy consumers require knowledgeable counsel to help them negotiate the opportunities that are coupled with new laws and regulations.

To help meet these emerging challenges, Duane Morris attorneys bring broad and extensive experience in energy development, regulation, tax, corporate, project finance, intellectual property, environmental, construction and real estate matters, among others. We possess the business experience and creative legal thinking necessary to help clients achieve their "green" objectives. Duane Morris attorneys are well-versed in renewable energy and understand the current key market drivers - including financial incentives and stimulus bill funding - as well as the significant compliance obligations impacting renewable energy projects.

Our objective is to help our clients address the many issues raised by the renewable energy market, including:

  • Developing renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, water, biomass and biofuel power projects, as well as renewable fuel projects.
  • Licensing of renewable energy projects, including understanding regional electric power markets, market designs and state Renewable Portfolio Standards.
  • Securing environmental permits, including permits for water usage, as part of environmental compliance strategy.
  • Participating in public policy debates associated with climate change and water usage at both the federal and state levels.
  • Developing and bringing energy efficiency technologies and mechanisms to market.
  • Structuring investments to comply with corporate and tax objectives, including federal and state tax incentives and related financial programs.
  • Structuring various forms of financing for renewable energy projects, including project finance and private-public partnerships.
  • Engineering, procurement and construction of renewable energy projects and infrastructure, including LEED-certified construction and government procurement and contracting.
  • Protecting and licensing intellectual property rights.

Commitment and Experience

Duane Morris attorneys are deeply involved in and committed to the renewable energy and conservation markets. Our firm is a member of American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) and other industry organizations, and participates actively in helping establish the policies and rules that will further stimulate the development of the renewable energy industry. Several of our lawyers are LEED accredited, and many are active researchers, writers and speakers on "green" issues. We are also leaders in our communities, spearheading business and residential community programs and initiatives to promote sustainable practices, such as the Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program.

A global law firm, Duane Morris has attorneys with the requisite experience to handle issues that may arise in the development of renewable energy projects throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

At the core of our Renewable Energy and Sustainability practice are attorneys who have spent their entire careers working within the industry, including those who have worked as general counsel to energy development and services companies, and those who have held leadership positions with federal and local energy commissions before joining Duane Morris.

We are staffed with attorneys and government relations professionals experienced in representing developers, owners and operators of renewable energy projects, as well as more traditional fossil-fueled energy projects, throughout the United States and various international power markets. We have a long tradition of representing clients before various state and federal regulatory and administrative agencies and have contributed to the formation of policies that drive the market.

Our clients' success in the renewable energy market requires not only experience with the various legal issues that our clients may confront, but an interdisciplinary approach that provides our clients access to this experience in a manner that is collaborative with the client, seamless, and cost-efficient. Our knowledge and interdisciplinary approach allows Duane Morris to provide full-service legal support to clients in the renewable energy sector.

Areas of Experience

Renewable Energy Development
Energy Regulation and Compliance
Energy Facility Construction and Recommissioning
Federal Building & Green Construction
Environmental Regulation
Water Rights and Regulation
Project Finance
Intellectual Property
Corporate Structure and Tax Planning
Real Estate
Private Equity/Venture Capital
Public Policy & Government Affairs

For More Information

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