The attorneys in Duane Morris' nationally recognized Insurance Practice have decades of experience representing insurers in coverage disputes in the area of asbestos, pollution and health hazard long-tail claims (APH). We have handled and resolved some of the most complex APH cases in the United States, involving exposures in the billions of dollars, and have achieved ground-breaking appellate decisions in the APH area on behalf of the insurance industry.

APH cases often involve unique and unresolved issues of law that put a premium on creative legal work and innovative resolutions. Duane Morris attorneys have pioneered APH coverage litigation techniques, and have extensive experience in every aspect of such litigation, from initial case filing, through discovery and pre-trial procedures, to multi-phase jury trials and multi-issue appeals. We have handled the full spectrum of continuous bodily injury claims, including asbestos, lead, silica, butadiene, PCE, TCE, benzene, tobacco, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices, as well as continuous property damage claims arising from long-term pollution and contamination involving all manner of industries. Duane Morris' experience in APH matters extends to all types of insurance contracts, including comprehensive general liability, excess liability, umbrella, first-party, maritime and aviation policies.

Although litigation is sometimes necessary, Duane Morris insurance coverage attorneys are frequently successful in negotiating settlements for their clients without resorting to litigation. We are experienced in representing both domestic and foreign insurers, and have a considerable depth of knowledge regarding the insurance industry and historic policy placement issues for all types of insureds, from Fortune 500 companies and international conglomerates to smaller, locally-owned and regional companies.

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