Duane Morris’ LIBOR Transition Team has extensive experience guiding lenders through amending existing loan agreements and crafting language in new loan agreements for LIBOR replacements such as AMERIBOR or SOFR. Our attorneys assist clients in the financial community on strategies to address due diligence and other concerns regarding the impact of the LIBOR transition and its aftermath. Our skilled attorneys assess our clients’ needs, come up with innovative solutions, do the heavy lifting, and enable them to manage the LIBOR transition effectively and cost-efficiently.

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For more information, please contact Roger S. Chari, Chair, Joel N. EphrossAmelia (Amy) H. Huskins, Phuong (Michelle) Ngo or Natalie A. Stewart of the LIBOR Transition Team.

LIBOR Transition Team Members

Photo of attorney Roger Chari

Roger S. Chari, Chair


Photo of attorney Joel Ephross

Joel N. Ephross


Photo of attorney Amy Huskins

Amelia (Amy) H. Huskins


Photo of attorney Michelle Ngo

Phuong (Michelle) Ngo


Photo of attorney Natalie A. Stewart

Natalie A. Stewart


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